Manage RFQ's, Purchasing, and Suppliers in one Platform.

Simplifying quotation and PO Management.
Let go of emails and spreadsheets.

Real-time Updates on Purchase Order, Logistics and RFQ's.

The platform where both clients and suppliers work and collaborate on all things compliance and supply chain related.


Vintly is a platform offering a simple solution to a complex topic; supply chain. We enable companies with complex and critical supply chains to manage their whole compliance validation as well as purchasing and logistics operations on one platform - and their suppliers are invited too.

With Vintly you manage:

ESG & Product compliance
Supplier management & Social compliance
Supplier sourcing & Product quotations
Purchase order handling on SKU level
Freight, logistics & transport compliance
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Vintly is a win-win

Reduce complexity


Manage all your clients and their PO's in one platform. Streamline operations, visualize strategic buyer criteria, hold certificates and consolidate compliance results.


Get all active PO's and shipments in one view - let the platform guide you on your priorities.
Experience the relief of a complete full compliance overview of suppliers, products and components; aggregated for C-level reporting.

Bird eye view

Easily track and manage unique company targets with our customizable and strategic dashboard. Get real-time updates and notifications on Purchase order and Compliance milestones.

Resource saving

Eliminate manual and repetitive updates on all areas concerning a manufacturing period; from PO creation to delivery. Tailored reporting views allow you to share status with management, minute by minute, and give you time to focus on matters of value.

Streamline Supplier management

Add suppliers to your portal and build supplier profiles based on your strategic and unique criteria. Manage agreements, sub-supplier mapping, certificate validation and capacity information.

Improve collaboration and compliance

Collect social and environmental information, validated certificates on Suppliers and review performance together with them. Define common goals and start the journey towards a strong, sustainable relationship.

Create, send and receive Purchase orders

Collaborate with your suppliers and manage all your purchasing & logistics, compliance and emission information in one platform.

Useful insights

Changes in the process are a reality. Identify potential issues before they become a serious problem - simply solve them immediately.

2 000+
Global users
30 000+
Purchase orders handled
10 000+
Compliance certificates recorded
1 500+
Suppliers onboarded
5 000+
Shipments delivered

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What customers say about Vintly

Read in-depth case studies from our customer journeys to understand how Vintly has changed their day-to-day work for the better.

Sport Design Sweden

With a global customer base and increasing number of collections per year, Sport Design Sweden, was facing challenges in managing their purchase orders efficiently. Existing tools were not sufficient to keep track of order updates, production milestones and managing supplier interactions; leading to poor visibility and a lot manual work.

Solution: With Vintly, Sport Design Sweden are now able to automate their entire procurement process, receive real-time purchase orders updates and collaborate with their suppliers in one platform. Moreover, an integration with their ERP has enabled full data transparency throughout the organisation.

Sport Design Sweden has activated the following Vintly modules:

Article & price management
Purchase order management
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Panghus, a modern construction firm providing single and multi-unit homes, faced challenges in managing their network of suppliers, streamlining purchasing and their inbound logistics. The complexity of their projects required a sophisticated approach to purchasing and materials management on-site.

Solution: With Vintly, Panghus implemented an advanced Purchase Order Management platform tailored to their needs. The platform has provided end-to-end visibility into their procurement processes and facilitated efficient purchase order creation, automated supplier communications, as well as enabled real-time tracking of inbound materials.

Panghus has activated the following Vintly modules:

Article & Price management
Purchase order management
Freight management
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