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Our modules

Vintly's platform is made of independent modules that can be utilized one-by-one but also all-together to achieve the full supply chain collaboration experience.


Create and distribute RFQ's to suppliers. Benchmark offers, negotiate terms and sign agreements.

Supplier management

Build supplier profiles, manage performance and track ESG parameters.

Articles and price lists

Create and share article details and price lists with suppliers or vice versa.

Purchase orders

Create, review and distribute purchase orders. Get real time feedback from suppliers.


Enjoy up-to-date inbound schedules and manage shipments using our forwarder integrations.

Insights & dashboard

Track KPI's and enjoy real time updates on key events.


Customizable templates

Define criteria and pre-requisites for your RFQ's and send them to selected suppliers.

Compare offers

Get notified when there are offers to review and benchmark your suppliers' responses.

Negotiate terms and award your winner

Upload documents, negotiate and sign the deal when you've reached an agreement.

Historical data

Keep track of historical offers and re-use previous RFQ's.

Articles and prices

Consolidate data

Bring together your teams of design, production and logistics in one place and get items ready for production.

Build articles and styles

Manage articles and styles cards, as well as bill of materials and build your production network by linking your articles to your preferred suppliers.

Approve prices

Manage price lists and review updates to ensure compliance and an automated purchase order placement process.

Share data

Be in control of data sharing - only share the right information when ready.

Purchase orders

Purchase order collaboration

Enjoy 2-way communication on your purchase orders; receive on-line confirmations and order updates as it relates to dates, prices and quantities.

Real-time updates

Set your own order milestones and track on time completion rate. Vintly will keep you updated via email notifications.

History log

Keep track of all historical PO changes and status updates.

Real-time order chat

Discuss tasks and change of plans with suppliers in real-time. Get notified when a new message has been received.


Link Shipments and Purchase orders

Connect your shipments and orders to keep team members up to speed on what is being shipped, when and where.

Split shipments

Split shipments as many times as needed, choose different freight modes, departure times, arrivals or quantities.

Track updates

Monitor shipment developments and updates and add key documents to each booking.

Delivery schedule and receiving

Use the delivery schedule to communicate arriving goods at various locations and manage goods receipts.



Track performance and deliverables in one view. Select and tailor the widgets most relevant to you and per user.

Pending Actions

Let Vintly tell you pending tasks and what to prioritize through required actions and KPI’s.


Turn on which notifications, per user, that is most relevant for you and never miss a crucial update.

Data exports

Export data to share, manipulate and analyze as you see fit.

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A seamless experience

We integrate with ERP's, PLM's, WMS's and offer punch-out solutions towards your favorite resellers, so you can experience a seamless purchasing experience.

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