April issue: 2024 - Centralizing and enriching your Supplier portfolio

At Vintly, we offer advanced solutions to complex supply chain challenges. Take a moment to discover how Vintly can help you excel in two key areas of supply chain and manufacturing: 

Supplier profiles and Compliance monitoring.

Masterclass: Advanced Supplier Profile Management with Vintly

This masterclass highlights how Vintly's supplier profile management platform revolutionizes supply chain efficiency by centralizing data, enabling customization, ensuring compliance, and facilitating collaboration between brands and suppliers, thereby enhancing operations and reducing risks.

Masterclass: Effective Supplier Compliance Monitoring

Vintly's innovative platform enhances supply chain operations by facilitating effective communication and rigorous compliance monitoring. It offers centralized communication, automated alerts, and performance dashboards to streamline supplier interactions, ensuring operational efficiency and robust compliance.

Product feature: PO deviations

Vintly enables brands & suppliers to share PO updates seamlessly with each other. Adjust and confirm updates on prices, dates, and quantities quickly and efficiently, ensuring clear communication and faster decision-making. 

Once confirmed, watch the data feed back into your ERP automatically. 


Looking for In-Depth Understanding of Supply Chain Management? 

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